Dinner on the roof at “Coda” €230

New Year's Eve dinner in Prague 2014/2015

Spectacular terrace view of this famous Prague restaurant as well as modern design makes it stand out among others. We offer you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in this remarkable classy place with exquisite cuisine to start your new year with style.

“Coda” restaurant is essential part of ARIA hotel which is famous for music thematic. All halls here have different styles and architecture, though general harmony atmosphere is not spoiled. “Coda” can also boast its Chef David Šašek and his real culinary masterpieces. He is good at both traditional, national and international cuisines and always surprises his guests with new recipes and tastes.

The inimitable roof terrace of “Coda” restaurant is also the reason to choose this New Year’s Eve dinner offer. It allows to behold Prague’s sights like Charles Bridge, Charles Bridge. St. Nicolas church, Prague Castle and Palace Gardens.

Let’s have a brief look at the festive menu for New Year celebrations offered by “Coda” restaurant and its Chef. New Year’s Eve menu includes both sea-food, meat and vegetarian dishes to satisfy any taste. Sweet fans will find many tasty dessert names in the menu and will fight the desire to try them all. Do not stop yourself, it’s New Year time, so we can treat ourselves with some extra good food and fun.

New Year’s Eve Menu is included to the price

Cold starter
  • Salmon caviar from Alaska with crispy toast
  • Oysters from Brittany with charlotte vinaigrette
  • Fried tuna fish balls with curry sauce and avocado
  • Foie gras terrine with chutney baked onions
  • Crispy shrimp envelopes
  • Ham “Serrano Reserva” with fresh melon Philibon
  • Tandoori chicken mini kebabs with pineapple salsa and spices
  • Soup of lychee, mango and Thai basil
  • Crispy vegetable rolls with soy reduction
  • Hummus with olives, Lebanese bread and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Creamy onion soup with roasted bacon and black truffles
Second course
  • Juicy pork tenderloin with roasted chanterelles and mashed potatoes
Main Course
  • Beef sirloin steak with roasted mushrooms “Portabella”, pancetta and Porto wine sauce
  • Homemade cranberry sorbet with orange foam
Dessert menu
  • Pie “Tarte Tatin” with ice cream with rum and raisins
  • Fresh strawberry sauce Balsamico Vecchio Pedroni and cream a la Chantilly
  • Combination of white cream, caramel and dark chocolate with homemade raspberry stewed fruit
  • Vanilla panna cotta with a ragout of forest fruits
  • Assorted fresh fruit and sauces variation
  • Variety of Czech and of French cheeses
  • Homemade sweets made of “Valrhona” French chocolate
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  • General description

    • Beginning: should be agreed with operator
    • Total cost:adults - 230 euro, children under 12 years - 115 euro
    • All dishes from the menu are included to the New Year's dinner. Drinks are charged separately except those presented in the menu.
    • Dinner booking can be done through the online form below or by telephone. Payment is made on the spot or by credit card
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