Rent a car

Only till 31.12.2019! A car with the driver only for €99!

Ford Mondeo IV universal + driver = 99 EUR/10 hours. Fuel charges are paid separately (7 litres/100km, 1.3 euro/litre).

We will drive you to any place you wish and we will wait for you at any time you like. We work around the clock. International trips to Wien, Berlin etc.

You can rent a car for a long period and get a sale!

Pay 49 EUR for 5 hours. 1 extra hour = 10 EUR. By the way, you don’t need to pay any deposit!


The advantages of the car with a driver.

  • Drivers’ professionalism and experience – you won’t be stressed
  • You don’t worry at all (parking, little difference in rule of the road)
  • Non-stop service with a fixed price, which you know beforehand
  • Changing the car upon a request, confidentiality.
  • Our drivers have “průkaz profesní způsobilosti řidiče” (the certificate of a professional driver)
It is more profitable than just to rent a car without a driver. Please contact us now!