New Year's Eve dinner in tavern €135

New Year's Eve dinner in Сzech Republic 2014/2015

You are invited to have nourishing thematic dinner in the Dětenice village tavern. Incredible true-to-fact medieval style and bright presentation as well as delicious cuisine will leave lasting impression and pleasant memories.

Have you ever been to medieval festival? With ancient traditions and decorations this place is ideal for carnival and New Year costume party. Middle Ages interior and tasty dishes cooked on open fire will add greatly to festive mood.

We do hope you are a good eater as during this evening you will taste real cuisine masterpieces. Have a look at New Year’s Eve dinner menu below.

This New Year’s Eve dinner offer includes thrilling entertaining programme as well, so you will have a chance to become a part of some legend with brave knights, beautiful ladies and fakirs. You can also enjoy live medieval music and dance with your dear ones or friends. The final part will take place in the huge park of Dětenice castle with loud and bright fireworks.

New Year’s Eve Menu is included to the price

  • Mead – the oldest alcoholic drink with honey taste
  • Elite Сhampagne
Cold Starters
  • Various salads, vegetables, sauces
  • Homemade bread
Main Courses
  • Differnt variations of grilled meat
  • Baked chicken
  • Smoked ribs
  • Juicy pork and chicken steaks
  • Delicious traditional desserts and fruits
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  • General description

    • Beginning: at 7 pm
    • Duration: 7 hours
    • Total cost: adults - 135 euro, children under 12 years - 99 euro
    • Transfer from Prague to Dětenice and back is charged separately
    • All dishes from the menu are included to the New Year’s dinner. Drinks are charged separately except those presented in the menu.
    • Dinner reservation can be done online on this site or by phone. Payment is made on the spot or by credit card.
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    Payment is made on arrival in Prague or via Visa / Mastercard. The most convenient way is to book transfer with us in order to get sufficient transfer discount. The amount is fixed and will not be changed or require additional fees.