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Popular destinations:

  • Orly Airport/hotel < – > any point in Paris
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport/hotel < – > any point in Paris
  • Nice Airport/hotel < – > any point in Nice
  • Cannes Airport/hotel < – > any point in Cannes
  • Nice -> Сannes
  • Nice -> Monaco
  • Nice -> St. Tropez
  • Nice -> Antibes
  • Nice -> Monte Carlo
  • Nice -> San-Remo
  • Nice -> Avignon
  • Paris -> Versailles
  • Paris -> Disneyland
  • Paris -> Deauville
  • Paris -> Le Havre
  • Paris -> Thoiry zoo
  • Paris -> “France Miniature” park
  • Paris -> La Vallee Village

Book a taxi in France with Garcia taxi services

If you do so you will be met once you arrive to any airport in France. Our driver will hold name plate indicating your name. You also should not concern about your luggage as our France taxi service includes free luggage assistance. We do not know distance measures, and offer agreed in advance fixed taxi prices. France biggest cities as well as any address in question can be covered with ease with Garcia!

What exact taxi fare France offers to tourists?

Local France taxi services can be found in any airport though they do have some distinguishing features we should point out. To begin every taxi in France has meter (or counter) inside every car, so your taxi fare, France totally depends on it. If you call a taxi by phone get ready to pay for additional km on the meter, because you pay for the distance the driver covers to pick you up.

Besides, every second bag in your luggage will be charged additionally as well as downtime or additional number of passengers. Unfortunately the fee is not fixed for local taxis in France and you become aware of France taxi prices at the end of the ride only.

In addition when you arrive in France; airport taxi service can be located at special areas near terminals, however please keep in mind that English is not widely speaking among taxi drivers. So write down or print needed address to avoid misunderstanding.

Finally taxi drivers in France are the only in the world who can deny to help you if they ‘do not like you’, if you are not sober enough or smell not good enough for them. So it can appear to be problematic to hail a taxi. France airport you have arrived at also has a number of illegal taxis, offering fast ride. We strongly recommend avoiding such offers in order to avoid high taxi prices.

How to count and pay fixed price for your taxi in France?

For that purpose we offer online taxi booking. France main destinations as well as main airports can be chosen in our online form. Once you indicate 2 needed destinations and passengers’ number, you will get fixed taxi France cost. You can pay it online by card once the order is processed or choose to pay on the spot to the driver. No extras! We guarantee excellent service and professional assistance.