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Taxis in Rome and neighboring towns:

  • Fiumicino Airport/hotel < – > any point in Rome
  • Rome -> Naples
  • Rome -> Terracina
  • Rome -> Vatican
  • Rome -> Civitavecchia port
  • Rome -> Rimini
  • Rome -> Sorrento
  • Rome -> Capri

Handy Garsia taxi service, Rome

Our taxi in Rome service differs from local one due to fixed price for a ride and a number of additional services. We offer not only actual taxi ride during your visit to Italian capital but also individual meeting at the airport on arrival and luggage assistance. Indeed helpful and polite licensed drivers know the city well, so you will definitely enjoy your informative ride.
You can pre book taxi, Rome online on our site filling out simple form.

Why do you need a taxi Rome service?

The only way to get to hotel or friend’s house fast is to hail a taxi. On your arrival to any of two official airports, taxi Rome services can be found near terminals. However you need to give the driver exact address in Italian language, as English is not obligatory for taxi drivers. We also recommend to ignore unlicensed taxi offers to avoid triple price for a short ride.

Local taxi prices in Rome are so unpredictable, so get ready to pay extra fee according to taxi meter, as well as some Euro for each bag of your luggage. Besides, even there are no official tips in Italy; drivers like to round up the sum for taxi fares, Rome city center or any other location.

If you want to be sure of the price before your trip just mention needed destinations in our online form. The amount will be calculated automatically. No fees for luggage, no rounding up procedures! You just need to book taxi online. Rome, Italy or any destination you are interested in. Book taxi Rome in advance to enjoy every minute of your trip!

How to get a taxi in Rome, Italy?

As we have already mentioned you can take local taxi from Fiumicino to Rome or use Ciampino airport taxi. Both Italian taxi services use the same price and luggage policy. Downtime is also charges separately. Taxi Rome (airport) offer on our site has some significant advantages namely taxi Rome (airport) to city unchanged price, no extra charges or fees for your bags, fast car delivery and individual meeting in the airport.