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Taxi through Italian cities with departure from Milan and Rome:

  • Malpensa Airport/hotel < – > any point in Milan
  • Fiumicino Airport/hotel < – > any point in Rome
  • Milan -> Verona
  • Milan -> Alassio
  • Milan -> Venice
  • Milan -> Genoa
  • Milan -> Val Gardena
  • Rome -> Naples
  • Rome -> Terracina
  • Rome -> Vatican
  • Rome -> Civitavecchia port
  • Rome -> Rimini
  • Rome -> Sorrento

How to get a taxi in Italy without being deceived?

When it comes to getting taxi in Italy, you need reliable partner to deal with your transportations. Garcia Italy offers convenient and trusted services of taxi; Italy and its cities with no limitation for destination as well as the best fixed taxi fares in Italy. You will be met in the airport by our driver, receive free assistance with your luggage and start the ride with no delays.

No additional fees, no tips, just amount you know on our site when you pre book taxi. Italy and its roads are safe with us, so you can be sure to get excellent service for agreed in advance amount.

Basic reasons to book taxi in Italy in advance

If you are planning your first visit to Italy, please check our kind advice and tips from other travelers. We do hope this information will be helpful. So let us point out some important reasons why you should consider taxi booking, Italy in advance.

First of all, according to taxi service rules in Italy, taxi should be equipped with counter or meter. The trick is when you order taxi on the spot the car arrives with some meters and Euro on account already. Italian drivers start to count from the moment of your call. No matter where they are, additional meters will be included to your taxi cost. Italy has some interesting rules, hasn’t it?

Our next useful tip is about taxi price, Italy. You will never know for sure what the exact fee for your ride is, till you reach needed location. Total price will depend on the route your drive choose, downtime and even number of bags in your luggage. Besides taxi fares in Italy may rise if the driver has no change for you. Actually all drivers have petty cash, so they just want some extra.

Finally, we highly recommend to book taxi in Italy in advance to avoid long waiting and confusion with counter. You should know the price in advance and have all possible comfort during your trip starting with airport. Taxi, Italy booking with us is fast, safe and convenient. Try it out today!